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Downtown Revitalization

In Warwick, we recognize the importance of maintaining an attractive downtown core because it represents the heart of the Township. As a result of the Township of Warwick Community and Economic Development Strategy report, and the Economic Development Marketing Plan, downtown revitalization is already underway, and includes the following specific initiatives:

  1. Development of streetscapes and facades, including initiating a Façade Redevelopment Program;
  2. Establishment of a public square integrating with the post office, the museum and the current parkette as a place for celebrations, special events, urban beautification and to support tourism services, such as an Information Kiosk and RV parking
  3. A Wall Mural Program that depicts the history and heritage of Watford
  4. Street realignments, formalization of parking and enhancements to streetscapes related to furniture, planters, etc.
  5. Potential consideration of establishing the Watford downtown area as a Community Improvement Plan area

The following points identified the renewal program elements for Warwick Village:

  1. Create a linear connection between the downtown and the Warwick Conservation Area and Warwick Park
  2. Give identity to the commercial area which is currently relatively undefined, both as a unique part of the community or as a place to stop and engage in commerce, retail and related activities
  3. Celebrate the agricultural and transportation history and heritage of the community through artifacts, a prominent historical carin and other markers and elements
  4. Strengthen the physical identity and capacities of Warwick Village

This is a multi-year program of renewal for the two downtown areas for which the Township has initiated implementation. A Façade Redevelopment Program has been established for Watford and other initiatives are ongoing.

Community Improvement Plan (CIP)

The Township of Warwick Community Improvement Plan (CIP) provides framework for encouraging redevelopment and investment within the Township of Warwick through the implementation of financial incentives. Goals of the Township of Warwick CIP include: restoration and rehabilitation of buildings; heritage preservation; encourage investment in the Township of Warwick; and beautification of commercial corridors.

2017 Community Improvement Plan (CIP) Annual Report

2018 Community Improvement Plan (CIP) Final Report

CIP Incentives/Grants

Warwick's CIP offers incentives for downtown facade improvements and brownfield redevelopment.  Incentives for murals are also available.

Township of Warwick Mural Guidelines

The Township of Warwick Mural Guidelines provide framework for the content and placement of Murals within the Township of Warwick. An increased presence of murals, public art, streetscaping features and amenities offer an opportunity to provide aesthetic value; visual demonstration and educational opportunities to showcase the community's heritage and history; and other positive outcomes that will enhance the overall attractiveness and vitality of the community.

For a list of businesses in Warwick, please visit the following link, and search for “Township of Warwick” in the drop-down list. Portal provided by the Sarnia Lambton Economic Development Partnership.

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