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Planning and Building


General Planning Inquiries

All general planning inquiries should be directed to the Township of Warwick municipal office. Prior to proceeding with any planning applications, you are advised to consult with the Township of Warwick.

Please consult 'The Township of Warwick's Development Package - Checklist and Guide' for details on development applications and processes.


Amanda Gubbels, Administrator/Clerk
Phone: (519) 849-3926

Frank Garardo, Planning & Development Services Department, County of Lambton
Phone: (519)-845-0801(ext.5333) or Email:

Frank Garardo is available on most Wednesdays in the Township office. Arrangements can be made to meet with him by appointment at any time.

Official Plan

An Official Plan is a policy document which sets out the land use directions for long-term growth and development within the municipality. The Township of Warwick official plan provides framework for policies intended to guide land use development while considering physical, environmental, social and economic matters.

Warwick Township's Official Plan was passed January 12, 2010. If an Official Plan Amendment is required, the forms may be picked up at the Township Office. Prior to proceeding with an amendment, you are advised to consult with the Township of Warwick. In accordance with the Planning Act all Official Plan amendments are required to have at least one public meeting, public notice of which must be given at least 20 days ahead of time, followed by an 20 day appeal process as any person or public body may provide written comments and/or speak at the public meeting about the proposed amendment. County approval is required before amendment is effective.

For more information on Municipal Official Plans visit the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH) website.

Zoning By-Law

The Zoning By-Law is a document used by the Township of Warwick to regulate the use of land. A Zoning By-Law contains specific requirements that provide a way of managing land use and future development. It also protects property owners from conflicting land uses. Zoning by-laws cover such items as:

  • What type of permitted uses are allowed
  • Where buildings and other structures can be located
  • The lot sizes, setbacks and dimensions permitted
  • Other building envelope specifications
  • Designation of natural and environmental features

Warwick Township's Zoning By-law was passed December 12, 2012. If a Zoning Amendment is required, the forms may be picked up at the Township Office. Prior to proceeding with an amendment, you are advised to consult with the Township of Warwick. Zoning By-Law amendment steps include:

  1. Consult with Planning Staff.
  2. Complete the application- Application is accepted and circulated to various agencies, and departments for review and comment (e.g., Conservation Authority).
  3. Notice of Public Hearing -A notice is sent to all adjacent property owners within 120 meters at least 20 days before hearing.
  4. Public Meeting and Decision Making Process- Application is considered by the Council of Township of Warwick.
  5. Notice of Passing - Once council has passed the by-law, it must give notice of the by-law's passing within 15 days. Any person or public body that meets certain requirements may appeal the by-law, not later than 20 days after the notice of the passing is given.

More information on municipal Zoning By-Laws can be found on the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH) website.

Committee of Adjustment- Consent and Minor Variance applications

The Committee of Adjustment reviews planning applications for Minor Variance and Consent applications as described in the Planning Act. The Township of Warwick Committee of Adjustment/Land Division Committee is made up of the following persons: Alex McDonald, David Dew, Rod Glen, and Councillors John Couwenberg and Jerry Westgate.

Minor Variance Applications

The owner of any land, building or structure or any person authorized in writing by the owner who is unable to comply with the provisions of the Zoning By-law may apply to the Committee of Adjustment for an "Minor Variance".

Minor Variances may be granted provided that, in the opinion of the Committee, the request is minor in nature, is desirable for the appropriate development or use of the land, building or structure and the general intent of the Zoning By-law and the Official Plan are maintained.

Consent Applications

An owner of land or any person authorized in writing by the owner may apply to the Committee of Adjustment for "consent” land severance. The Committee may give "consent" if in its opinion the application conforms to the provisions of the Planning Act, Official Plan and Zoning By-law.

The process for Minor Variance and Consent applications takes approximately 2-3 months, which includes the circulation period prior to the hearing by the Committee and the appeal period following the decision made by the Committee. Minor Variance and Consent process includes:

  1. Pre-consultation
  2. Complete Application
  3. Notice of Public Meeting- notice given at least 14 days prior to committee meeting
  4. Public Meeting with Committee of Adjustment hearing - Decision is made within 15 days of hearing. (10 days for variances).
  5. Notice of Passing - when a notice of decision is given, a 20-day appeal period follows.

Applications can be picked up at the Township Office or accessed below.

  • Minor Variance Application PDF
  • Application for Severance (Consent) PDF

Site Plan Applications

A site plan is a plan for a proposed development or project that addresses all areas of the development.  Building location, landscape treatment, pedestrian access, drainage control and parking layout are a few of the items addressed during a site plan review.  The site plan application process allows the municipality to influence land development so that it is safe, functional and orderly. It is also used to ensure that the development standards approved by the municipality and other agencies are implemented and maintained.

A site plan is approved after staff and agencies complete a comprehensive review of plans and studies submitted with the site plan application. Technical considerations inform staff’s decision to approve, modify or refuse an application for site plan.

Site Plan Applications and Guidelines can be picked up at the Township Office or accessed below.

  • Site Plan Applications PDF
  • Site Plan Application Guidelines PDF
  • Township of Warwick Development Guide - Checklist and Guide PDF

Planning Fees

Clcik HERE for details on Warwick's Planning and Building fees.

Alternative and Renewable Energy Approvals

The approval authority for alternative and renewable energy systems, including wind turbines and solar panel projects rests with the Province of Ontario. The Municipality encourages the Province to undertake municipal and public consultation prior to approving such projects to ensure matters such as local concerns, land use compatibility and environmental impacts are appropriately addressed.

For more information on renewable energy approvals please review the Ministry of Environment regulations for Renewable Energy Approval (REA).


Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing: For more detailed information on Planning applications please visit the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing's Planning and Application Resource Centre as your source for information on land use planning in Ontario.

If you have any concerns regarding the operation of the facility, Jericho Wind Energy Centre has a dedicated line for complaints. You can contact this at 1-877-463-4963 


View Lambton County - Including Warwick Township

The County of Lambton have recently completed a G.I.S which we are providing a link to. You can get specific information about Warwick Township as well as all municipalities in the county. The site provides:

  • Access maps to find any address within the County, and any details about the surrounding area, like neighbouring parks, arenas and schools.
  • Use the nutrient management application to plan the most efficient use of natural fertilizer while protecting the environment when farming.
  • See where vacant industrial land is available for purchase.

View Lambton County Maps, including Warwick Township, through this link: Geographic Information System

If you have any questions call Information Technology Department at the county (519) 845-0801 ext. 456 or 1-866-324-6912 or email

Planning & Development By-Laws

By-law 121-2012 Zoning By-Law PDF
By-law 106-2015 Property Standards By-law PDF
By-law 93-2014 Clearing of Land By-law PDF

Building Inspections

Building Inspections are conducted by the Lambton County Building Services Department, on behalf of the Township of Warwick.

By-law 19 of 2010 regulates the issuance of building permits. This by-law sets out the various permit fees. Permits are required for all normal construction of houses, garages, barns, and also enlargements or additions, renovations, sheds, manure pits, silos, grain bins, in-ground pools and above ground pools where applicable. No permit is required for roofing, shingling or eavestroughing. If in doubt, call the Township Office 519-849-3926.

Applications for a building permit or demolition permit may be obtained at the Township Office during regular office hours.

Building Fees - By-Law 19 or 2010

Population & Demographics

According to the 2011 Canada census, the Township's population is 3,717, with the majority of residents living in the rural community of Watford. The Township occupies a land area of 290.20 km2, with a population density of 12.8 / km2, and a median age of 40.7. The total number of private dwellings was 1434 at the time of the census.

To read the 2011 Community Profile of Warwick Township click here.

For more information visit the Statistics Canada website.

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