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The Public Works Department protects the Township of Warwick’s interests by reviewing various applications for permits with respect to the following:

  • Establishing entrances/installing new culverts onto Township of Warwick roads;

  • The moving of overweight and overdimensional loads on the Township’s Road Network.

New Entrance/Culvert Permits

An entrance permit is required for the construction or modification of any entrance to a Township road, including residential, commercial, and public entrances.

An Entrance Permit application can be obtained by contacting the Township Office located at 6332 Nauvoo Road, Watford, ON 519-849-3926 during regular business hours (Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm), or alternatively, by selecting the PDF file below.

Cost: $150.00, payable upon issuance and before the work has begun.

By-law 119 of 2017 Amend Schedule B of Boulevards

Entrance Culvert Permit Application

Moving and Oversize Hauling Permits

A Moving and Oversize Hauling Permit is required for the transportation of goods not conforming to the standards detailed in the Highway Traffic Act. The permit is valid only on those highways under the jurisdiction of the Township of Warwick. If other highways

Each application submitted to the Public Works Department must be accompanied by the appropriate application and fee. In addition, a refundable security deposit will be required. The security deposit will be returned to the applicant, without interest, upon the receipt of all necessary deliverables and the completion of all restoration.

Cost: $400
Refundable Security Deposit: $11,000

By-law 123 of 2017 Moving and Oversize Hauling Permit

Moving and Oversize Hauling Permit Application

Moving and Oversize Hauling Permit Checklist













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