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Council Highlights

"Council Highlights" offer a summarized list of decisions made at each Township of Warwick Council meeting. "Council Highlights" is normally posted within 24 hours of a Warwick Township Council meeting. See the complete agenda and minutes from Warwick Township Council for more detailed background information.

Council Highlights

WATFORD, ON – At its regular meeting on Monday, January 15, 2018, Warwick Township Council:  

  • Approved the 2018 budget for the Township of Warwick which allocates over $2 million to support capital projects and implements a 2.5% municipal tax rate increase.  The municipal tax rate increase represents a total of $48,832 in new tax revenue to the Township of Warwick in 2018 and $9.66 per 100,000 of residential CVA to the taxpayer.
  • Scheduled a Special Council meeting on Community Hall Next Steps for Thursday, February 8, 2018 at 3:30 p.m. at Centennial Hall, 101 Centennial Ave.
  • Received information that the installation of two Electric Vehicle Charging Stations at the Watford Arena has been completed.  The locations are ready for use and will be included in smartphone apps which outline electric vehicle charging stations.
  • Received notice that the Township of Warwick has completed filing of its 2017 Annual Accessibility Compliance Report with the Province of Ontario.
  • Held Court of Revision meetings for the McCormick-Kingston Drain, Kent-Rawlings Drain, Burchill Drain and Higgins Drain in compliance with the Drainage Act.
  • Approved a Zoning By-law amendment application for 460 Victoria Street Watford to allow domiciliary care at the property.
  • Supported a resolution from the Municipality of Morris-Turnberry regarding tenanted farm tax class and a request for the Province of Ontario to review Ontario Regulation 282/98 under the Assessment Act in respect to property tax classification of non-tillage acres.
  • Approved the 2018 Township of Warwick Occupational Health and Safety Policy notice.
  • Approved a contract for continued animal control services with the Glencoe Animal Shelter.
  • Approved the execution of documents for the County of Lambton Fire Radio Project including a by-law outlining financing in partnership with the County of Lambton.
  • Approved an updated 2018 Corporate Policy Manual for the Township of Warwick.
  • Approved a report on the Restricted Acts of Council (Lame Duck Period) and delegating authority to the Administrator/Clerk during this period.
  • Approved the results of a comprehensive fee review process, including a new fee schedule for 2018.  Public notice of the new fee schedule for the Township of Warwick will be completed prior to the application of new fees.
  • Approved a by-law providing procedures and appointments to the Joint Compliance Audit Committee for the 2018 Municipal Election.
  • Approved a new Noise By-law for the Township of Warwick which includes a noise exemption permit for community events held on public property.  Community events can now apply to Council for an exemption from the Noise By-law.  Applications are available at the Township Office.
  • Approved the submission of an application to the Ontario Sport and Recreation Community Fund to support enhanced senior activity programming in the Township of Warwick for 2018 and 2019.
  • Declared the 11 residential lots in the Scenic Court subdivision surplus.  Sale and disposition of lands can now proceed in compliance with the Township of Warwick’s by-laws.
  • Made a request to the County of Lambton for approval of the plans to install a pedestrian crossover on Confederation Line which connects the nature trail to the parks and recreation walking track area by the Watford Arena.
  • Approved a by-law consolidating and updating the Township of Warwick’s appointments of public members to various committees.
  • Approved a letter of undertaking with the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 172 in Watford for a grant to support a mural which will be installed at 5275 Nauvoo Road.
  • Noted that the next regular Warwick Township Council meeting is next scheduled for 3:30 p.m. on February 12, 2018.

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