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Warwick Township Taxes

Payment Options

 Warwick Township property owners have four options for paying their taxes.

 1. In person at the Municipal Office: 6332 Nauvoo Road.

Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. CASH, CHEQUE, or DEBIT only.

 2. By mail to: Warwick Township Office, 6332 Nauvoo Road, Watford, ON N0M 2S0

(cheque must be received prior to or on due date for late charges not to be applied).

 3. Preauthorized Payment: Taxes will be debited from bank account on the
     due date of each tax installment ( February, April, August and October) 

Preauthorization Form (pdf) - Form must be filled out and sent to the township office (via mail, e-mail, fax or drop off) with a voided cheque attached.

(If banking information changes, please let the Township Office know.)

 4. Internet or telephone banking:

Details on adding tax bills for electronic payment:

  • When adding your property tax bill as a payee your account number is comprised of a portion of your 19 digit tax roll number (located on the top left of your tax bill). 

Each financial institution requires a different number of digits for your tax bill to be registered online.  Contact the Township office for the number of digits required to register your bills electronically with your specific bank.

Tax Certificates

Request for a Tax Certificate form.

Tax Rates

Once the annual budgets (Township, County and School Boards) are completed, the annual tax rates are then compiled and applied to the property assessments, as set out in the Provincial Regulations which require the County (Upper Tier) to establish any required tax policies; and which determines the property owner’s taxes for the current year.

To calculate the annual taxes, multiply the Current Value Assessment assigned to your property by the Total Tax Rate. If you wish to determine what the portion is for each area use the individual Tax Rate.

Tax Rates may vary for Capped Classes (Multi-Residential, Commercial and Industry) based on provincial legislation.

These Tax Rates do not reflect Special Service Fees e.g. garbage & recycling, street lighting, dog licences and drainage, etc.

Warwick Township’s tax dollars charged to it property owners has decreased over the last 7 years by over 1½ %; however, Provincial Tax Assessment Policies may have caused increases to some properties based on the Province’s Current Value Assessment system.


2018 Warwick Tax Rates PDF
By-law 50 of 2018

2017 Warwick Tax Rates PDF
By-law 60 of 2017

2016 Warwick Tax Rates PDF
By-law 72 of 2016


2015 Warwick Tax Rates PDF
By-law 50 of 2015

2014 Warwick Tax Rates PDF
By-law 46 of 2014

2013 Warwick Tax Rates PDF
By-law 44 of 2013

2012 Warwick Tax Rates PDF
By-law 52 of 2012


 Property Assessment


MPAC (Municipal Property Assessment Corporation) administers a uniform, province-wide property assessment system based on Current Value Assessment in accordance with the provisions of the Assessment Act. MPAC provides municipalities with a range of services, including the preparation of the annual assessment rolls that they use to calculate property taxes. As of today, MPAC is responsible for the assessment and classification of over 4.7 million properties in the province.


To establish your property’s assessed value, MPAC analyzes property sales in your community to determine the Current Market Value Assessment. When assessing a residential property, they look at all of the key features that affect market value. Five major factors usually account for 85% of the value:


  • Location;
  • Lot dimensions;
  • Living area;
  • Age of the structure(s), adjusted for any major renovations or additions; and
  • Quality of construction.


MPAC is also responsible for classifying and assessing other property types including Multi- Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Farm, Pipe line and Managed Forest.


If you have any questions regarding your assessment, MPAC can be contacted as follows:


Call: 1-866-296-MPAC (6722) 
1-877-889-MPAC (6722) TTY 
Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.




Fax: 1-866-297-6703


Write: P.O. Box 9808 
Toronto, ON M1S 5T9


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