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Adult Pickleball Program

Pickleball Program

Health Programs: North Lambton Community Health Centre

2018 Health Programs delivered in Watford Community by the NLCHC:


Watford Afterschool Program:  This health education program is delivered at the Watford Arena in partnership with Township of Warwick-Watford.  This program is offered September-June for children grades 1-8.  The focus of the program is physical activity, teaching healthy eating and learning how to make a healthy snack as well as building social and leadership skills in a fun, safe environment.  Personal health and wellness presentations are also offered regularly.  In order to increase accessibility to the program the Program Leaders meet the children afterschool and safely walk them to the program (Tuesdays and Thursdays at East Lambton only).  * Note Parents at St. Peter Canisius

Watford Senior Fitness & Walking: This program is delivered at Watford Arena two times per week.  The program begins in October and continues until April.  This program offers a safe, place to exercise indoors during the winter.  Additionally, regular health education sessions are delivered throughout the program season.  Everyone welcome.

NEW!  Coffee Time Group

Warwick Coffee Time: This program is delivered two times per month at Warwick Community Centre on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month.  The first session will be on Wednesday, October 31st at 10:00am.  Additionally, regular health education sessions will be offered throughout the program season.  Everyone welcome.

Garden Fresh Box Anyone in the community can purchase a garden fresh box (Family box $15 single box $10) or vegetable bag or fruit bag for $5.  Money is to be dropped off by the first Friday of the Month to the East Lambton site.  The garden fresh bags are delivered to the East Lambton site on the 3rd Thursday of the month.  For more information call the Centre at 519-786-4545 or 519-333-2747.

COPD (Pulmonary Rehab Program):  This program is delivered in the community as needed.  The focus is on COPD education and exercise in a safe, supervised environment. 

Falls Prevention & Home Assessment Program:  This program is offered to any Senior in the community who is interested in a Falls Prevention home assessment by an Occupational Therapist. They may also be eligible for a free grab bar should they meet the criteria.  The O.T could also assist the client in completing forms for additional assistive devices.

Community Navigator:  The Community Navigator provides system navigation, assistance filling out forms (ie housing applications, social assistance, identification etc).  Assistance is also available to connect to various community services and programs.  To make an appointment  please call the Centre.

Community DietitianThe community Dietitian is available for one on one appointments on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month.  To make an appointment please call the Centre.

Social Work Counselling Services  The Centre Social Worker is available for counselling appointments at East Lambton site.

Diabetes Education Program: The Diabetes Educator Nurse is available for one on one appointments 2 days of the month.  In addition, they also outreach to clients at Brookside Retirement Home.   Foot Care clinics will also be offered 1x/month.

Transportation Program: 

In partnership with the Red Cross and the United Way, the NLCHC provides free transportation services for seniors and people who are unable to qualify for LEO or who are currently in receipt of ODSP or Ontario Works. Please call the Centre for more information.

Connector Services: As part of the County Homelessness Initiative, the Connectors will connect individuals to appropriate services in a timely manner, provide client advocacy, enable service coordination through information relay between providers and clients.  There is also a Social Worker available to meet with clients and work with the client to move them along the housing continuum.

Community PartnersCanadian Mental Health Association sees clients at the East Lambton site as well as home visits.  Lambton County Housing also sees clients at the site.


For more information on this program or other NLCHC programs please call the Centre at 519-786-4545.



Bel Jamieson, Health Promotion Team Lead
North Lambton Community Health Centre
Telephone:  (519) 786-4545 x273     Fax:  (519) 786-6318
Email: bjamieson@


Public Skating Sponsors

Public Skating February 1

Public Skating

Public Skating every Sunday 12:30p.m. to 2:00p.m. at the Watford Arena, 61 Centennial Ave. CSA approved helmets are strongly recommended. No sticks permitted.

Public Skating Fees:

$2.00 per Child     $3.00 per Adult     $5.00 per Family

For more information, contact the Watford Arena at or call (519) 876-2808.


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Sunday, December 30th

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