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History and Heritage

Interested in taking a step back in time? Warwick prides itself on its deep cultural history, and even lays claim to a formidable historic invention.

Unbeknownst to some, while Henry Ford was creating the world’s very first automobile in the early 1900’s, a resident of Warwick Township, David A. Maxwell, was inventing an automobile of his own, the very first hand-made automobile in Canada. As the story goes, Henry Ford was interested in developing a business partnership with Mr. Maxwell, who turned down his offer. Cleverly dubbed “The Maxmobile”, this historic and monumental automobile is still in existence today and on display in the Old Fire Hall Museum. Click here to learn more.

Aside from the Maxmobile being one of Warwick’s biggest claim to fame, the town also prides itself on being home to a historic Carnegie Library, built as a result of a donation from the world famous businessman and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie in the early 1900’s.

Warwick Township has a very deep and well-documented history. Thanks to the Warwick Township History Committee, a website devoted solely to the documentation and showcasing of our historic Township is available here ( On this site you will find hundreds of photographs, stories, documentation, genealogical information, and more.


Books and Documents - can be purchased at the Warwick Township Office, 6332 Nauvoo Rd.

A book on the history of the Township, The Township of Warwick: A Story Through Time (570 pages), prepared by the Warwick Township History Committee in 2008 for $55.00 (taxes included).

Copies of The Watford Carnegie Library History and Cookbook (454 pages), prepared by Library Staff and volunteers in 2000 for $20.00 (taxes included).  "All gatherings for special occasions and get togethers are a time to bring out our best food to feed and impress our family, friends, ande neighbours.  Most of these recipes were passed from family to family from generation to generation".

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