Dog in car The Township of Warwick regulates dogs through registration and by-law enforcement services. Registering your dog(s) can play a critical role in identifying your furry friend should it become injured, lost or stolen.

All dogs in the municipality must be registered and wear its own unique dog tag (now offered free of charge with no renewal required). Dog tags cannot be transferred from one dog to another.

Apply for your FREE Dog License

  • There is no charge to register your dog (and get a permanent dog tag).
  • Dog tags are valid for the lifespan of your pet, so renewals are NOT required.
  • To apply for a dog tag, complete dog application form below and submit it to the municipal office by email or in person.
Click HERE to apply now.

Changes- Moving or Death of a Pet

  • Should you move within Warwick Township, please contact the office so staff can update your dog’s address and contact information.
  • Should your dog pass away, please contact the office so staff can remove your dog from the database.

Lost Tag

  • If your dog(s) loses its dog tag, please complete and submit the online application form and indicate that your pet requires a replacement tag.
  • Replacement tags cost $10 each.

What if I don’t register my Dog?

  • Dogs in Warwick Township are required to be registered. Not registering your dog(s) will lead to fines and penalties for the animal owner.

Kennel Licencing

  • Any resident wishing to operate a dog kennel or boarding facility must obtain a Kennel Licence.
  • The property must be properly zoned to accommodate a kennel or boarding facility.
  • To establish a dog kennel or boarding facility, please contact the municipal office to discuss the requirements.

Lost or Stray Animals

  • Warwick Township’s animal control by-law prohibits dogs from running at large and allows for cats and dogs to be impounded if they are found to be running at large. The Township of Warwick has partnered with the Sarnia District Human Services to provide pound keeping services for strays in our community.

If you encounter a cat or dog running at large or wish to inquire about a lost cat or dog please call:

Township of Warwick Municipal Office                                    Kelly Bedard, By-Law Enforcement Officer

Monday – Friday                                                                          519-331-6398

8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.                                                                  


If you suspect your animal has been impounded, please contact the Sarnia District Humane Society at 519-344-7064. Fees assumed with impounding the animal are due by owner before it will be released.

Animal Distress or Abuse

  • The Province of Ontario has established a toll-free number to report concerns about animal welfare. The call centre is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 1-833-9-ANIMAL (264625). 

  • The Provincial Animal Welfare Services (PAWS) Act sets regulations regarding animal cruelty. Under the PAWS Act there are basic standards of care for all animals. The Act also sets specific standards of care for dogs that are kept outdoors. 

Animal FAQs

The Township of Warwick’s Animal Control By-law lays out a number of rules related to keeping dogs and other animals in Warwick Township. The following are a few of the common questions about the animal control by-law. This list does not in any way replace the content of the by-law.


Q- Do I have to get a dog license (dog tag)? 

A- Yes. All dogs in Warwick Township must be registered and wear their dog tag. You have 14 days to register your new (or new o Warwick Township) dog.

Q- Do dog tags expire? 

A- No. Tags are issued for the lifetime of your dog.

Q- Can I let my dog “off leash”? 

A- No. Dogs are not allowed to run-at-large. The only exception is at designated dog off leash areas (parks).

Q- How many dogs can I have? 

A- Each dwelling unit is allowed to have no more than 3 dogs.

Q- What about dog kennels? 

A- There are quite a number of rules related to keeping a dog kennel. Please see the full by-law or contact the municipal office for details.

Q- Can I have an exotic pet? 

A- No. Please see the full by-law for details.

Q- Can I keep backyard chickens or other livestock on my property? 

A- Backyard chickens are not permitted in villages, hamlets, or urban areas. Chickens and other livestock are only permitted on specific agricultural zoned properties. If you have any questions about your property’s zoning, please contact the municipal office.

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