In 1995, the Bluewater Recycling Association (BRA) developed a new vehicle which allows for the collection of waste and recyclables at the same time. The vehicle designed by the Association lowered costs, produced less pollution, and caused less traffic than traditional curbside collection alternatives.

The Association developed the new vehicle when a Time and Motion Study revealed that up to 85% of collection time was, in fact, spent driving the vehicle rather than loading it.

Therefore, it became evident that if one truck could pickup both waste and recyclables, then the increased work load would be minimal. The theory proved to be correct.

Today, the Association services most municipalities using this system, including Warwick Township.


  • Less fuel is burnt, conserving resources;
  • Fewer emissions are produced, reducing atmospheric pollution;
  • Noise pollution is reduced;
  • Impacts on fragile transportation infrastructure are decreased;
  • Public safety is increased; and
  • All services are provided at a lower cost.

Further information can be found on the BRA website.