For your convenience, the Township of Warwick offers pre-authorized payment service for both tax and utility billing. All other payment options continue to be available - mail, in person, computer/telephone banking, at any chartered band or trust company. This service will not affect those ratepayers who currently have their property taxes paid with their mortgage payments.

In order to make your bill paying easier you may have tax payment and utility bills automatically withdrawn from your bank account.

There is no cost for this service.


We will be offering two options for property tax payment s through automatic s through.

  1.  Due Date Only - on the last business day of the month for February, April, August, and October of each year.
  2. Monthly (beginning November 2020) - on the 1st of each month for twelve months.

Monthly payments will be calculated based on a combination of previous and current year's taxes. Please remember that taxes may fluctuate due to reassessment and tax rate changes. For the monthly plan, you must return the form prior to the first day of the applicable month and the property owner must have no past arrears. If you miss the start up date, you are required to pay your regular installments until the next month.

Rural Utilities:

Pre-authorized payment of utility bills will be available for due date only - a monthly payment plan is not an option.
(Watford water billing goes directly through Bluewater Power)

If you are interested in this service, you will need to complete the attached authorization form along with a "void" cheque in order to set up your account for pre-authorized payment. Please return form to:

Township of Warwick
6332 Nauvoo Road, R.R. #8
Watford, ON   N0M 2S0