NOTE: As per Section 10(4) of the DCA; “(4) The council shall ensure that a development charge background study is made available to the public at least 60 days prior to the passing of the development charge by-law and until the by-law expires or is repealed by posting the study on the website of the municipality or, if there is no such website, in the municipal office. 2015, c. 26, s. 5 (3).”

For your reference, I have attached our DC Checklist as well which summarizes the legislative requirements, provides a sample pamphlet, etc.

Next Steps:

  • Notice of Public Meeting 
  • Public Meeting  - February 13  
  • By-law Passage – March 13  
  • Notice of By-law Passage – no later than 20 days after by-law passage.  
  • Last Day for By-law Appeal – 40 days after by-law passage.
  • Information Pamphlet completed and online – within 60 days after the in-force date of the bylaw

 Click here to view the DC Report