Warwick Township Council is working on the development of a strategic plan. This plan will set Council's vision and priorities for this term of Council and beyond.

 Timeline and process

The development of the strategic plan began in March 2019. The development process includes public and Council consultation. A draft of the completed plan with specific priorities and actions will be presented to Council in June.

Township of Warwick Strategy 2019

 Public consultation
Stakeholder interviews

The Township will complete over 20 phone interviews of business and community stakeholders to collect feedback to inform the strategic plan vision and priority areas. Participating stakeholders include representation from local businesses including the agricultural sector, community service clubs and individuals.

Public open house

On April 25, 2019, Warwick hosted a public consultation session to guide the development of the Township's strategic plan.

Public Consultation Results - Strategic Issues Identification

Warwick Township Strategic Plan Open House      Warwick Township Strategic Plan Open House

 Council strategy workshops

On April 25 and 26, Council attended workshops to form a vision and identified 15 priority areas of focus over the next four years.  The priority areas were ranked in terms of importance.

Draft Vision for the Township of Warwick

Dedicated to informed, sustainable growth through innovative and action-oriented leadership.

Positioned in the heart of South-Western Ontario, the Township of Warwick welcomes tomorrow’s businesses today.

Creating a modern, connected community that offers safe and affordable living for all.

View the Strategic Plan Open House presentation materials.


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